sugar hair removal

sugar hair removal

It is the ultimate luxury for your skin!
A sugar treatment does more than just hair removal, it provides a natural peeling of your skin and it is a gentle, safe and effective method to remove hair from all parts of your body with 100% natural ingredients. Sugar makes the skin soft, it is suitable for all skin and hair types and for the most sensitive places. Because the sugar attaches to dead skin cells instead of your skin, it feels much less painful than with classic wax treatments and you get the silky soft feeling.

Reduced hair growth
By depilating on a regular basis you will quickly notice that your hair growth will visibly decrease and that the hairs will become thinner and finer after each hair removal. It is recommended to leave 4 to 6 weeks between each treatment, this way you ensure that all your hairs belong to the same growth cycle over time and you will suffer more from short and long hairs. This will keep you hair-free for longer until your next treatment.

- No allergic reactions
- Minimum of redness and irritation
- Less painful
- More hygienic than other hair removal methods
- No risk of burns
- No ingrown hairs
- Removes short hairs
- Hair removal only once a month
- Hair growth reduced
- Hairs become finer and softer
- Your skin is hydrated, depilated and peeled
- Your skin feels silky soft
- Easy to remove with water
- Not tested on animals, vegan.

What is important for the treatment?
The most important thing is that you don't scrub/peel 3 to 4 days before your sugar hair removal, if you do this your skin will not have enough dead skin cells and the sugar will not be able to attach itself. Your hair should be about the length of a grain of rice to remove properly.

What is important after your treatment?
There is not much that you have to take into account, but certainly do not go to the tanning bed or lie in the sun after your hair removal, your skin will burn faster. Also stay away from your depilated area as much as possible, it is always so nice after your hair removal to feel that soft skin, but when you touch it, bacteria can transfer from your hands to your skin every time and so you can promote irritation.

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