Lose weight now with lasting results.
Cryotherapy makes it possible to locally remove fat , re- firm your skin, remove cellulite and act as an anti-aging facial treatment. Have you already tried everything? Many diets, many sports, .. but nothing helps to tackle that disturbing zone? Or maybe you just need that little push to get off to a good start and achieve your goals faster.. The best thing about the treatment is that you immediately see visible results after every treatment !

What is cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is an application of cold and finds its effectiveness in creating a thermal shock that will lower the temperature of the fat cells. Due to the cold, the elimination process (apoptosis) will start spontaneously and the temperature of your skin will drop in no time without a cold feeling. The cold promotes your blood circulation in your skin, making it firmer and restored to its original tension. At the end of the treatment, the fat cells have crystallized and can be removed naturally by your body. The treatment safely breaks down fatty tissue while leaving the skin, muscles and nerves intact.


cryolipolysis effect

Is the result really permanent?
Yes! In terms of local fat removal, cryotherapy can be compared to liposuction, only without cutting and without pain or recovery period. During the treatment a lot of fat cells are broken down and removed by your body every time, unfortunately fat cells are the only cells in our body whose production does not decrease with age. So just like after your liposuction, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you will notice in the long run that new fat cells have been created.

What are the effects on the body and face?
The treatment will generally ensure that your blood circulation is improved and accelerated, so that the waste can be better removed and your calorie consumption is increased.

- Remove cellulite
- Reducing fat cells
- Tighten and strengthen the muscles and skin
- Remodeling and slimming the body

- Reinforce the neck and décolleté
- Strengthen tissues
- Reduce wrinkles
- Remove Duplicate Kun

Which areas can you treat?
Here we can start toning or eliminate fat deposits:
(It can also be used on the knees.)

treatable areas with cryo

How many treatments do you need?
It is difficult to say in advance how many treatments you will need. It all depends on the desired result you want to achieve and how your body responds to cryotherapy, every body is different.
Most women lose 2 to 3 cm per treatment as opposed to men who lose an average of 3-5 cm per treatment. After the result of your first treatment, we have a better idea of the number of turns you will need to reach your goal.

Do I need to do anything before or after the treatment?
All you need to do is drink plenty of water. Drink 1.5 to 2 l daily, this will ensure that the waste can be better removed from your body. Because the waste products must be completely removed before the next treatment, there must be an interval of 14 days between each treatment where fat cells are removed. When strengthening the skin, treatments can be applied in a shorter period.

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